Insulation Building Boards

DSC_0136 Botament building boards are ideal to create waterproof and rot proof substrates for tiles or render.

The 12.5mm thickness introduce in 2019

Is now available at Goodwins providers, Cork Builders Providers and Shannonside Builders Merchants. As well as most tile shops .

  • Fast, easy and economical to install
  • Additional heat insulation
  • Highly stable and compression proof
  • Flame resistant in accordance with DIN 4102
  • Lightweight
  • Universal application and design possibilities.
  • Full range of shower trays .

For more information click here

building boards for wall ,floor or feature construction

building boards  Range has noe been extended for wall ,floor or feature construction








One thought on “Insulation Building Boards

  1. Hi. I’m installingthe botament tile backer board. What side should I be tiling on? Should I tile on the side with or without the writing on it? Thanks in advance. Niall

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