Botament-Ireland Home

Construction  chemical systems for professionals from the professionals.

Botament 2020 . Everthing under one roof, Designed , developed and made by Botament – a one stop shop for products required in the 4 most popular areas of construction and home improvement.

WETROOMS – A unique package for bathrooms and wetrooms all ETAG certified.

TILES – Clever system solutions when it comes to tiling .Complete range for professional tilers.


FLOORING Engineered flooring materials.

CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Reliable building trendsetting systems solutions for new constructions and restorations.

The general construction chemicals provides technical solutions for repair of concrete, screeds and renders. Again  , Botament is at the forefront of waterproofing and damp treatment, with Botament RD2 multipurpose waterproofing that out performs the traditional methods.


10 thoughts on “Botament-Ireland Home

  1. I have a top floor apartment near Cadiz in Spain which leaks water to apartment below. Do you have an agent in southwest Spain where I can obtain waterproof membrane and sealant fluids. The materials used locally are heavy felt-like sheets which are hard to apply and involve considerable disruption. Patrick Cavanagh

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  3. I currently stock bostick tgs and sgs grey and silver grey grout.our fitters have identified botament grey grout as a product we should stock.please contact us with prices for 5kg bags.
    Thank you,john lorimer.MD. forestside tile & bath.

  4. Hi all,
    I have a client that wants a water proof plaster finish in their bathroom. Similar to Venetian plaster/tadelakt plaster. Feckin Instagram:)
    I finished your location in Monaghan some time ago re your wetroom solutions. I noted you had a similar finish in the bathroom that the gentlemen that was water proof. I was wondering if this would suit my client and if so could you advise me of the product /process.


  5. Hi i purchassed grout from my tile shop they said they cant get the silicone to match and im having trouble getting it in other tile shops could i purchasse it from you please.

  6. Looking for concrete paint? Do you make it and if so where can I get it. I live in South county Dublin

  7. Hey there, I recently changed supplier to Tile Merchant coolock. They supply all your products and I’m wondering is it possible to get a grout colour chart so I can show clients?
    Kind regards Jay
    Trend Tiling

  8. Hi i have stared using a numbe 26 outdoor grout on porcelain tiles it seems to leave a lot of staing compared to a ligher colur is there a better approach i have filled motar guns but tge intense heat was causing it to drybout to quickly and crack so had to reasort back to using a trowels and sponge regards ed jones breena construction

  9. Hi I am looking to buy Multifuge diamond in stardust no 80. Can you tell me where I can get it. Looking for stockists as Tile Merchant no longer sell it!! Thank you

  10. Looking for 200 sq mtrs og botament building, where can I purchase this in Ireland.

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