Tiling Systems

tiling systems 1Botament Tiling systems :-

Botament Systembaustoffe stands for complete professional range of building materials for tiling. Complete range of tiling products for each step in tiling process.

1993. A professional brand takes off as acompany.
Botament – the name stands for professional quality system building materials. The name of a company, whose development initially started as a successful Brand in 1988. It was then launched as a separate company in 1993. Since then, Botament has developed into a force to be reckoned with in the construction industry – now well beyond the borders of Germany. .

As a sister company of the MC-Bauchemie and employing 50 years of collective experience, we currently produce at 6 locations in Europe and successfully distribute our construction chemical product systems for the followingsectors throughout Europe:

The products are colour coded for each application step as follows .

Yellow:- Range of Primers, Self levelling mortars and levelling mortars for all application needs.

Orange = waterproofing below tiles or stone . Sealing membranes , Sealing tapes, self adhesive tapes, tanking compounds for wet rooms, balconies swimmingpools and Industrial floors.

Blue = Tile adhesive , We offer comprehensive selection of cement , ,mineral inorganic  and reaction resin  adhesives for ceramic and natural stone. In addition Botaments decoupling membranes and adhesive additives for improved performance.

Green = Jointing materials ,Botament excel when it comes to joints with the widest range of cement grouts to choose from . Supax ceramic colour range, Multifuge programs provide three types of grout each in a number of colours.For industrial applications see Botaments Mineral inorganic and reaction resin grouts.For each grout Product elastic joint are available in Silicone and in Polysulphide. These are colour matched to the corresponding Grout .


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  1. Hi i used ypur outdoor grout on porcelain tiles and it seems to have stained tgem is tgere a product to remove stains

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