Patios and Paving

dm 1 Botament Gala bau range for paving includes Botament DM drainage mortar. DM is used to bed natural stone, stone slabs and concrete paving. It is highly water permeable, fast installation and reduces efflorescence and frost damage due to a natural additive in the cement.
This is used with Botament PF1c or Botament PF2c joint mortars.also waterpermeable to allow natural draining of rain water. They also prevent weed growth in joints and can be applied during rainy conditions. Botament PF1c and PF2c come in three colours . Sand, stone grey and basalt.
Botament PF1c paving pfik 1mortar is a ready to use and self compacting mortar. For fast and easy installations even in wet conditions. see Technical data sheets for more details or contact us.

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